Go831 Commute Challenge Winners


MONTEREY COUNTY – The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) announced the top three winners of the “Go831 Smart Commute Challenge”


FIRST PLACE: Nikki Nguyen

SECOND PLACE: Danielle Brown

THIRD PLACE (tie): Ellis Smith & Tara Grouwinkel


The “Go831 Smart Commute Challenge” was created by the Transportation Agency to address the fact that drive-alone commutes are the greatest contributor to traffic in Monterey County, which leads to parking and air pollution issues. During the month of October, the Agency challenged participants to be a part of the solution by exploring other ways of commuting through the challenge. Commuters could choose to bike, walk, ride the bus, carpool or tele-commute at least once during the month for a chance to win prizes.

The winners of the challenge are the participants who logged the most trips using a smart commute option. Each of them will receive a gift card from the business of their choice. Additionally, Jeff Millette won a $300 gift card for being selected through a random drawing of all participants.

By simply eliminating a few drive-alone trips, participants in the “Go831 Smart Commute Challenge” saved 8,724 lbs. of CO2, (the equivalent of burning more than 436 gallons of gas), saved a total of $5,842 and burned 121,003 calories during their commutes to and from work or college in October.

As they did in the Go831 Bike Walk Challenge earlier this year, Monterey Bay Aquarium employees dominated the smart commute challenge with the highest percentage of active participants. As a result, employees will receive a surprise reward at their work place.

The “Go831 Smart Commute Challenge” is an activity of the new Go831 program provided through the Transportation Agency for Monterey County.  Go831 is a free benefit powered by advanced technology that helps commuters find money-saving, stress-reducing alternatives to driving alone, and helps employers set up employee commute programs.