Go 831 Smart Commute to the Moon Challenge

Go 831 Smart Commute Challenge

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC), in partnership with Blue Zones Project Monterey County, and the City of Salinas are challenging at least 1,000 people to ”take a trip to the moon” with them during the “3rd Annual Go831 Commute Challenge” in October.  The agencies have partnered together to promote the county-wide challenge aimed at reducing traffic, CO-2 gas emissions and a healthier lifestyles by promoting smart alternative commute options such as telecommuting, walking, biking or a combination of a park/walk or bike option to their driving alone to work or college.

Who can participate?

The Go831 Smart Commute Challenge is open to all adults 18 and over that commute to and/or from Monterey County for work or college.

How to Participate?

Enroll in Go831.rideamigos.com, Sign the Blue Zones Pledge and download SalinasConnect. You’re now on your way to winning prizes and cash all month long. 
The more you play the more chances to win.

Participating in the “Go831 Commute Challenge” is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Participants must first register online at go831.rideamigos.com using their work/ student email or link distributed by their employer or college. 
  2. Next, they can search for smart commute options on the go831.rideamigos.com platform.
  3. To get credit for smart commute trips, participants must track them on the go831.rideamigos.com platform or download and use the CommuteTrack app by Rideamigos.


Look for this logo in your app store.

What are the Rules?

Commute and track your trips during the month of October. You must complete at least four trips (two commutes) to qualify for any prizes. A commute means a trip from home to work or school and back home.

Each week will be hosted by one of the partnering agencies and will feature free family activities, demos, games and prizes – rules and eligibility vary by activity and agency. Winners will be announced weekly.

To be eligible for Grand Prizes totaling over $3,000, participants will; download the Go831 Commute Track app by Rideamigos, complete and track at least two smart alternative commute trips, sign the Blue Zone Pledge and download SalinasConnect App. Those living, attending school and/or working in Monterey County are eligible and winners will be announced in November.

All trips must be conducted in accordance with the most recent California Department of Public Health COVID-19 recommendations here.



Blue Zones Pledge Grand Prize

You’re automatically entered to win a set of bikes and helmets for your family when you sign the Blue Zone Pledge, a $1,500 value. TO ENTER: You must be 15yrs or older, living, working or attending school in Monterey County to be eligible to win.

Go831 Smart Commute Challenge Grand Prizes

Smart Commute and track your steps to the moon daily- must track at least two commutes to qualify.  Prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place individuals and teams.  The workplace with the highest level of participation receives a catered lunch for their office, for up to $1,500 in value.  

Prizes also awarded to four random participants in the teleworking category with the most saved miles and four random winners for just signing up and tracking a minimum of two trips!

  • Four Random Drawings = $200
  • Four Telework Drawings= $200
  • Top Team = $250
  • 1st Place Individual = $250
  • 2nd Place Individual = $75
  • 3rd Place Individual = $50
  • 2nd Place Team = $75
  • 3rd Place Team = $50

Partner Agencies Weekly Prizes

Each week brings new fun activities and prizes to win – from VISA and Disney+ Gift Cards, Cash Prizes to so much more. The more you play the more chances to win. More info here.