Tri-County Telework Survey

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The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shelter-in-place orders have led to increased teleworking in the Monterey Bay region.  This forced remote working has had it’s ups and downs.  We’ve all noticed a reduction in traffic in the region, but many businesses/organizations were not equipped to operate remotely when the first shelter-in-place orders where enacted and there was a steep learning curve for both employers and employees.  A year into the pandemic, workers are beginning to get vaccinated making it feasible for more employees to return to a physical worksite in 2021.  Now the question is, should everyone commute to a physical worksite everyday?  

Monterey Bay Economic PartnershipTransportation Agency for Monterey County, Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation CommissionCity of Santa Cruz and San Benito Council of Governments want to hear from employers in the tri-county region about their experience with telework this past year (pros and cons) and whether or not they plan to continue supporting teleworking into the future.  This survey will be used to create a telework toolkit including resources, templates and tips tailored to the needs of employers in the Monterey Bay region.  

Please complete this brief survey by Friday April 23.   

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If you have worksites in more than one city or county, please complete a survey for each office location.  

Note: Your responses are confidential.  Information obtained by this questionnaire will not be sold, distributed or shared with any third parties. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.